Sunday, June 22, 2014

White Soul

While marching in the White Himalayas

Which having absolute White land

Wrapped with White surroundings

I could expect dignified White solitude

I then imagined White vision entering in my eyes

Then I saw White dreams residing in my brain,

Had witnessed the rapture of my White heart

My infant White feelings confirms it with overwhelming joy

Then on the path of positivity, my White thoughts travel

It then reaches to the place of White happiness
             At last, my inner bliss experienced an utter White peace

 Then it made me feel, having a Graceful transformed White soul

Why Should I fear

When the time comes, sun closes the day; then I used to fear coming dark night

Now, night is the only thing which understands me and holds me tight

Once I used to fear ghost and evil powers which are supposed to exist

Now, I wish to meet them but couldn't find their appearance, though I highly insist

Once I used to frighten about the death, which would end my life, achieving nothing

Death told me, I am having much time to coming to you, you just live without worrying

Then I put hand on my heart, asked myself, then why should I fear,

Now everything is clear,
The truth is also very near,

So, why should I fear?

Where I am

                                 Where I am

When I see my country, going high in the sky

Where is my country

When I see my planet, going higher in the sky

Where is my planet

When I see my galaxy, going higher in the sky

Where is my galaxy

When I see my universe, going higher in the sky

Where is my universe

                When I see this huge unending cosmos

                             So, I forget where I am

what knowledge is…?

While thinking on the word or the concept called ‘Knowledge’, i.e. what knowledge is…?

Or to what one should call the knowledge….?

Is it a Philosophy...?

Is it Spirituality…?

Is it a Science…?

Is it any –logy…? Or anything else

Then after pondering for a short time, I realized...

“Knowledge is when our thought eagerly travels a path of positivity for urge of knowing surrounded with belief.”

Then I imagined the period of very inception Human Kind. When Humans i.e. a species with no cloths and with bent body cum tail were struggling for existence and the story of human evolution goes on…

My point is how the very first Book, so far the human history would have been written? I mean how the words containing thoughts have been embedded on the sheet of paper..?

It could have been written or embedded by the means of Positivity and Belief only.. Yes Positivity and Belief.

So, Knowledge is mostly based on positivity and Belief (with the help of experience). Then, whatever is the stream.

Welcoming Change…


Now I got a new life.

Got a new desire

Got a new dream

Got new identity

Got a new smile on face

Feeling a change within me

Sorrows have gone

Pain is no more

Feeling strong after beating weakness

Feeling proud about the situation I conquered

Pleasant evening, soothing breeze, witnessing this event

The soul in me found right person in me

Now I got a new life.
Experiencing change…!!!

Trier’s Attitude

If my dream of writing couldn’t be achieved

If the ink and paper is not accessible any how

I would make my blood as red ink...

My skin as a brown paper

Just to jot down my thoughts...

If dream cannot be achievable, still it is achievable

Always, do not try to be successful; even do not try to be achiever

Then, just be a great ‘Trier’ …

Be a great ‘Trier’ always

They and I

I always listen to myself

Because, I am the I

I never listen to others

Because, they are the they

I have to act

However, they only react

I try to do

Moreover, they only criticize

Therefore, I always love myself

Because, I am the I

Therefore, I do not care others

Because, they are the they