Sunday, June 22, 2014

White Soul

While marching in the White Himalayas

Which having absolute White land

Wrapped with White surroundings

I could expect dignified White solitude

I then imagined White vision entering in my eyes

Then I saw White dreams residing in my brain,

Had witnessed the rapture of my White heart

My infant White feelings confirms it with overwhelming joy

Then on the path of positivity, my White thoughts travel

It then reaches to the place of White happiness
             At last, my inner bliss experienced an utter White peace

 Then it made me feel, having a Graceful transformed White soul

Missing Smile !

 Oh, my beloved smile how could I find you

Storm surrounded intentionally hid you

Truly, I lead the way to be the hero

By ruining the storm would make it zero

Once faded smile then glitters like gold

Sorrows and troubles then penniless be sold

Then you and I would be the best pal

The rapture mind would diminish critical time of survival

You are my guest and you would be taken cared very best

I experience your presence in the form of happiness, victory and love

You will be evaluated all of the above

When you show your presence eyes glitters cum happiness

The smiling face is the indication of heart's braveness

Just be with me for whole the life

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Feeling like a Alien

Mirror is reflecting something strange for my eyes
many years passed still the world seems unknown for me
don’t know why but I am feeling like alien
I don’t want to blame my eyes even not to my heart
nothing is perfect and nothing is imperfect it is beyond judgement
people celebrates new year but I celebrate being new always,
 shining yellow disk in the sky is usual food for my pondering mind.
it seems everything mysterious to me.
don’t know why but I am feeling like alien.